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Gill uPVC Windows are all made-to-order.  This practice allows us to custom-configure specialty shapes and window combinations at considerable savings. This is ideal for replacement, remodeling and new construction applications where high-quality, value added windows are desired.

Our Vinyl Windows are made of certified uPVC extrusions and are designed to meet or exceed the most stringent energy and performance standards.

  • Tilt-in sashes make our uPVC vinyl windows easy to
    clean.  You won't even need a ladder!

  • Customized glass options that fit your requirements; designs that save on energy costs all year round

  • Easy latch and tilt features for fast, easy opening. Both sashes slide open and tilt-in
    with fingertip ease.

  • High-strength uPVC construction resists forces that would crush other windows.

  • Fusion-welded corners eliminate cracks for air and water infiltration, reducing
    dampness and energy costs.

  • High-technology uPVC vinyl materials and multi-chamber designs for incredible
    thermal performance.

Product Overview:

Energy Savings: Whether you’re looking for cooler summers or warmer winters, our uPVC Vinyl Double Hung Windows are your energy-efficient choice. Their advanced multi-chamber designs help you feel comfortable while reducing heating and cooling costs even in the most severe climates.

The key is the advance uplasticized poly-vinyl chloride (uPVC) material in our windows. It is carefully engineered to reduce the transfer of heat and cold from the outside in – or the inside out. In fact, with a conductivity-value that is more than 1,000 times better than aluminum, uPVC vinyl is clearly the energy-wise choice for today’s conservation-minded homeowner.

Structurally Stable Under Temperature Extremes: Performance tests show some inferior vinyl frames can expand or contract up to2% when exposed to rapid and extreme temperature changes.  Cracking can occur.  Because our windows has multi-chambers, such uncontrolled expansion and contraction will not occur.  Only the chambers exposed to the outside experience the temperature change while inner chambers remain thermally stable. 

  Wind & Water Pressure Equalized: Water can enter window frames and sashes from rain driven by wind and condensation.  Once inside it can deteriorate or freeze and crack insulated glass seals and cause fogging.  Gill windows have interior drainage and keep moisture away from the window.  Gill windows are designed to withstand all the elements of the Wyoming’s Summer & Winter.

Fusion Welded Strength & Durability: All Corners are fusion welded for strength and to be air and water tight.  Multi-chamber construction within frames and sashes creates additional weld surface for exceptional strength.  This means years of trouble-free operation, giving you a better product.

No More Ladders or Tight-Rope Acts
To Clean Your Windows!

Convenient & Time Saving: Our windows give you maximum insulation without the need for storm windows, saving you from annual drudgery of changing, cleaning & painting.  They also require virtually no maintenance. A little soap and water is all it takes to clean our window.

Beauty &  Durability: The uPVC vinyl construction of our windows is quite possibly the most durable material used for window materials. While they are famous for being able to withstand forces that would crush ordinary windows, Gill uPVC Windows are also resistant to weathering, cracking and peeling.

Custom Fit for Hassle-Free Installation: Unlike conventional systems, Gill windows are custom fit for every installation. This make to order process helps eliminate drafts, leaks and energy loss. And it makes your Gill window easier to install, helping you save money.

Choice of Colorfast Colors: Gill windows come in colorfast white and sandstone.  It will not scratch off, flake or peel – guaranteed!  New Generation white is a “painter’s white” as opposed to a stark “appliance white” to more naturally match your home’s exterior paint and interior window treatments.

We have also added a painted product available for the exterior.  This is applied on at the factory and is a solar reflective paint.  Being solar reflective means no heat build up from the darker colors, scratching can occur on the exterior of the painted products.  One should take this into account when deciding on the painted exterior products.

Glass Options: A wide variety of glass options are available including Low-E, Tinted and "V-Groove" glass.


Easy Glass Replacement From Inside: No need to rworry about putty or silicone to replace broken glass.  Glass in Gill windows is held against the glass stop with a dual durometer snap-in glazing bead located on the inside of the window for home security.  This makes changing glass a snap!

Gill uPVC Vinyl Windows are designed to let you enjoy the beauty of your new windows while saving you time and money. Combining classic designs and styles with the modern conveniences of new vinyl technology, these value-added windows enhance your home’s appearance, help you save energy dollars and virtually eliminate all maintenance for the lifestyle you deserve--and we do this at a very economical price!

Gill's Installation Service:

We do our best to ensure our customers have a great experience when we are invited into their homes.  But the best way to describe our installation services is to let our customers speak for themselves.  Click here to read thank you notes from our customers!

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